Our philosophy, here at Discovery Years, is founded on the teachings of the leading pioneers and contemporaries in early childhood education such as Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, and Howard Gardner. Our program recognizes and provides for the whole child: social, emotional, cognitive and physical. We believe that children learn by exploring their surroundings through multi-sensory experiences, starting with the concrete and moving to the more abstract. Children learn and grow when provided with appropriate curriculum materials and a structured environment that stimulates and challenges them.

How children feel about themselves affects the people they are and the people that they will become. At Discovery Years, we provide the most positive setting possible for your children, one that nurtures both their present needs, and provides them with the tools they will use in future education and future life.

Running, climbing, digging, throwing, and catching are fundamental skills which enable the development of large muscles in children. Our playground offers children many safe opportunities to challenge their growing bodies. These exercises help to promote physical well-being and the perfection of motor skills; but they have additional benefits as well. A well-coordinated, strong body engenders self-confidence, assurance, and improves the functioning of the mind and spirit.

Our teachers exercise positive guidance in problem situations. By stressing logical consequences, redirection, anticipation, and elimination of potential conflicts within a context of clear and consistent rules, we create a framework that encourages children to grow, developing a strong sense of respect for themselves and others, and learning the value of responsibility. All staff members participate in regular training seminars and workshops to keep abreast of the latest research in child development.