We strongly advocate open communication between parents and staff. Our staff is trained to keep you informed of the details of your child’s day at Discovery Years. Information about your child’s life at home helps the teachers understand children’s language, state of mind and moods. There are a number of ways we communicate with parents at Discovery Years:

Infants and toddlers are provided with daily sheets that help you to provide us with information about your child’s day prior to drop off, and allows us to inform you about food intake, diapers, supplies, etc.

Preschool and school age children each have a parent teacher communication notebook that follows your child throughout their time at Discovery Years. In it you can ask simple questions, notify us of changes in pick-up people, or pass on requests to the center director. We can let you know if your child did something special, is feeling off, didn’t have a good nap or prefers different food at lunch.

We provide semi-annual parent/teacher conferences for the preschool children, and encourage all parents to schedule a conference for any concerns or requests. If you have a specific concern we always encourage you to speak with your child’s primary caregiver first, and if the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction after that, we then recommend you go to the site director who has final say in all center matters. Please remember that we are all here to make your family’s childcare experience a pleasant one.

An annual open house is held at each center in the spring during the week of the young child. This is an evening event during which parents can come in and visit with the staff, and the children have an opportunity to show off some of their latest accomplishments.

Every classroom has a parent board with important information such as the daily schedule, lesson plans, monthly calendars, signs about closing days, special events, parties, field trips or special supplies that are needed. Please make an attempt to quickly check the parent board every day for information about what is going on at Discovery Years.


Although we understand many of our families have one or more working parent, we strongly encourage you to play an active role in your child’s childcare experience. We love parent volunteers on field trips, for holiday parties, and all parents are welcome to come read stories or to organize activities. We have an open door policy, so come on in!

For our preschool students, developmental assessments are completed biannually during the school year to acquire an understanding of your child’s growth and development as well as to provide information that can be applied directly to instructional planning. Assessments are based on the Creative Curriculum’s 38 research-based objectives.